Welcome to the Thai Text Reader.

In Andrej’s article, FLTR: The Foreign Language Text Reader, he wrote:

FLTR is a great little piece of software. It supports intensive reading and facilitates vocabulary work (whether monolingual or using translation). Look-ups are one click away, notes (or translations) are stored and show up when hovering over the word, and the color coding can be a useful visual aid. The only inconvenience is the necessity to have a parser, but a basic parser is not too difficult to write yourself.

All kidding aside, a decent Thai parser is beyond the average person’s abilities. Add the time it takes to locate Thai reading materials, link in each and every new word you read, and time’s a wasting. To help you get around the hurdles, Thai Text Reader (TTR) hosts a Thai parser coded to work with FLTR (Foreign Language Text Reader), plus an extensive Thai dictionary to suck into FLTR, as well as Thai reading resources (both hosted and off-site) to get you started.

For instructions on getting FLTR to work with Thai, go to the FLTR & PARSER HOW-TO.

Thai reading files (some with audio) can be found in DOWNLOADS. All files hosted on the site are free for personal use only. Also on the site are links to off-site RESOURCES. More will be added in time. If you can help with additional downloads read DONATING MATERIALS. If you know of other resources, please contact us.

Go to TTR’s Blog for the latest about new downloads, resources, and TTR. For ease of use, it’s located in the top nav of this site.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoy this project as much as we do.